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Now you have your treatment, you have more energy and lust for life. What is next… If you are looking to gain some muscle mass and lose weight you will probably be thinking about joining the gym, maybe eating right. These are great steps, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will help you move further into being the fitter healthier you.

Vitamin supplements

Sports Nutrition

Weight Loss

At Youth revisited we believe in balanced diet, regular exercise and good sleep patterns.
These are recognised universally as being beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. 

Although we currently do not offer a diet plan service as part of our pharmacy at the moment 

It is common for fitness and diet to be the next step after getting your body chemistry back on track, If you need a helping hand from a professional this is one way of working with someone online as much or as little as you need it. 

Below is a trusted personal trainer and nutritional adviser, he does not work for Youth revisited so please check his credentials for yourself before moving forward 



Blood Tests

If you are struggling to lose weight have no energy there could be other underlying issues We do offer a blood test service


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