Our Mission: To offer fast, efficient and thorough service for every customer.

About us

Pungi Limited is a private blood testing company,
I wanted to keep an eye on my health by checking hormone levels and health markers but the Finger prick kits and being able to post samples to the Labs make this type of health analysis obtainable for even the busiest person in the most remote locations.  

Private blood testing helps people check their health from the inside, it can offer answers quickly and efficiently, cutting out all the hassle of a standard GP appointment

youth revisited helping those with testosterone, ostradiol and throid defficiencies and imbalances take a blood test with us today so we can get you in the right starting position.

The Company

The company details are as follows:

Pungi Limited
13 Hainton Avenue
DN32 9AS



What we do

  • Pungi Limited has a team of experts to hand with quick and easy consultations we make things streamline and stress free.

  • Sometimes we can get symptoms that are private and personal even embarrassing to talk about. All too often people are silently suffering from problems that can easily be solved. Your General GP practice can see these symptoms as unimportant and not close to urgent; it can be signed off due to getting older, stress or something that may pass. It’s not fair; everyone should have the chance to be the best person they can be. These issues may not threaten life but they hinder quality of life and it is our goal to help as many people as possible to be the best version of themselves, full of life and vitality even as we get older.

  • A simple blood test may offer answers you could not previously be sure of, offering Peace of mind and a practical approach to keeping well balanced and healthy. If you need help with analysing we have experts to hand to help you along the way. 

The Team

K Pungi founder of Youth Revisited With a history of business I was able to put together a great team and knowing customer services I knew I had to build a site that was user friendly, offering help and information to people for an issue that is rarely spoken of. I oversee the day to day running of Pungi limited and I am working on building it up to be a household name so everyone is aware of the help that they can get if they suffer with a deficiency.

Our doctors are easily qualified to help with your symptoms and get you on the road to recovery.

Name : Peter Mester      GMC Ref No : 6109586      Address : 26 Weddelenyi Utca 1077 Budapest


Ensuring all our prescriptions are fulfilled efficiently and speedily – posted direct to your door.

Chatting to customers, directing them through the process, chasing results and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is our customer care team. They provide the streamline day to day running of the company and help us to go from strength to strength.



• Order from the comfort of home

• Delivery to your door

• At home kits easy to use

• Experts available for consultations

• Online portal for viewing results

• Easy to choose packages at affordable prices

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